Born Thelma Elaine Mahnken in 1930, Elaine's journey to stardom began with modeling while in high school.

In a twist of fate, she met legendary actor Mickey Rooney at a driving range in Woodland Hills and married him in 1952.

The couple was interviewed by Edward R. Murrow in 1956, giving a glimpse into their personal lives.

Their relationship faced challenges, leading to a divorce in 1958, which remained undisclosed for months.

Mickey Rooney went on to marry Barbara Ann Thomason, who was tragically murdered, and several others.

Elaine Devry had notable roles in films like "The Atomic Kid" and "A Guide for the Married Man."

She played a nurse who married her husband's character in "The Atomic Kid."

Devry made guest appearances on various TV shows, showcasing her acting talent.

In 1975, she married actor Will J. White, who had appeared with Mickey Rooney in an episode of "Burke's Law."

Elaine Devry's legacy lives on as a talented actress who graced both the silver screen and television, leaving a mark on Hollywood history.