Stamps began in 1840, but it wasn't long before collectors emerged.

A woman once sought "cancelled" stamps to decorate her room and amassed 16,000!

Philatelists have been collecting stamps for over 180 years.

Some stamps are incredibly valuable, fetching hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

A rare UK 1902 1/2d British Board of Education stamp sold for $234,000.

The USA's 1869 24 Cents Inverted Center Declaration of Independence stamp is worth $275,000.

A printing error turned the 1869 30 Cents Inverted Shield, Eagles, and Flags stamp into a $310,500 treasure.

The USA's 1873 23 Cents Lost Continental stamp is so rare that only one exists, valued at $325,000.

Rare stamps not only hold historical significance but can also be lucrative investments.

The world of stamp collecting continues to captivate collectors and investors alike, promising exciting discoveries ahead.