Walmart offers affordable Thanksgiving meal kits to help you enjoy the holiday season without overspending.

Choose from three kits, each designed to meet your cooking style and budget.

Perfect for seasoned cooks, this kit includes all the essentials for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, priced at $77.

If you prefer a more convenient approach, two options at $70 and $30 offer pre-made or ready-to-bake items for a hassle-free meal.

The $30 kit serves six people and includes turkey, stuffing, and classic sides for a cozy holiday dinner.

The $70 kit serves eight to ten people and features a variety of convenient, delicious items, including ham alongside turkey.

For ambitious cooks, the $77 kit provides all the ingredients needed for an impressive Thanksgiving spread.

These kits are available through December 26, allowing you to save on any holiday dinner.

Order your kit conveniently through the Walmart website or app starting November 1.

Enjoy a stress-free and budget-friendly Thanksgiving with Walmart's meal kits.