Over the years, Toyota's Land Cruiser has transformed from a massive luxury SUV into a smaller, more fuel-efficient model.

Toyota recently unveiled the Land Cruiser Se, their first all-electric addition to the Land Cruiser lineup.

Toyota has provided minimal information about this new model, leaving many details a mystery.

The Land Cruiser Se seems geared toward urban environments and on-road driving, prioritizing quietness and performance on paved surfaces.

Its monocoque design is intended to make it more responsive and capable in rough terrain, though it looks better suited to mall parking lots.

In terms of dimensions, it's quite similar to the Grand Highlander, another Toyota model.

Toyota has not disclosed key technical details such as motor count, power output, or battery size.

To compete with other electric SUVs, the Land Cruiser Se may need robust features and a premium price.

Despite the limited information, the Land Cruiser Se boasts a muscular and appealing design that will likely attract buyers.

This electric addition to the Land Cruiser lineup shows Toyota's commitment to innovation and sustainability, even if it's not a hardcore off-roader.