Gaza militants launched an unexpected attack on Israeli towns and military bases, firing over 2,000 rockets.

The attack resulted in multiple Israeli casualties, with about 40 Israelis reported dead and many more wounded.

In Gaza, 198 Palestinians were killed, primarily militants, and over 1,610 were injured.

Israel declared a "state of war alert" and called up reservist soldiers while announcing strikes on Gaza.

The conflict stemmed from tensions over Israeli visits to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Palestinian militants used various means, including paragliders and sea infiltrations, in their attack.

There were reports of hostages and militants entering Israeli communities, causing panic.

Gaza militants fired rockets at major Israeli cities, prompting air raid sirens and widespread panic.

The U.S. Embassy condemned the violence, urging all sides to avoid further bloodshed.

This conflict is part of a long-standing struggle between Israel and Gaza militants, with a history of wars and blockades.