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Ensure your financial stability with an emergency fund, safeguarding you in times of job loss or health setbacks.

Meet the sinking fund—an efficient way to save for expected, non-urgent expenses without touching your emergency fund.

Learn from Berna Anat, who conquered $42,000 of student loan debt and $12,000 in credit card debt through budgeting and saving.

Sinking funds are flexible and can cover irregular expenses like home repairs, holidays, or entertainment.

Recall the "Christmas Club" concept where regular savings made holiday shopping stress-free.

Incorporate sinking funds into your monthly budget—allocate funds based on your priorities.

Create as many sinking funds as you need, and keep them organized with labeled "buckets."

When everyday expenses like a broken brake light or a filter replacement arise, your sinking fund has you covered.

With both an emergency fund and sinking funds in your arsenal, financial stability and success are within reach.