In a historic event, the Powerball lottery's jackpot has surged to an astonishing $1.4 billion after 33 consecutive drawings without a winner.

The lucky winner can choose a lump-sum payment of $643.7 million for the upcoming draw on October 7th.

This Powerball jackpot is now the third largest ever and ranks fifth in U.S. history.

In 2023, both Powerball and Mega Millions have already seen jackpots surpassing the billion-dollar mark four times.

The ability to purchase tickets online and the addition of an extra drawing day have contributed to these record-breaking jackpots.

The winning numbers for the last draw were 9, 35, 54, 63, and 64, with Powerball number 1 and Power Play number 2.

While the jackpot remained untouched, ten players won $1 million each by matching the first five numbers.

Three tickets with the Power Play option doubled their prizes to $2 million, sold in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

94 tickets won $50,000 each by matching four white numbers and the Powerball, with 13 of them doubling their prize to $100,000 thanks to the Power Play option.

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