In today's tech-savvy era, Bank of America is adapting to changing times.

A whopping 78% of Americans prefer banking online, steering the change.

Before shutting branches, the OCC requires a 90-day notice to ensure a smooth transition.

The OCC issues weekly bulletins, providing timely closure information.

Here are the branches set to close in October 2023:

1) Michigan: Novi Road and Baldwin Road. 2) California: Multiple branches in Santa Clara, Morgan Hill, San Francisco, San Jose, Moraga, and Los Angeles. 3) Massachusetts: Medway and Franklin.

4) Maryland: Columbia. 5) Virginia: Richmond. 6) Washington: Bothell-Everett Highway. 7) Michigan: Rochester Road. 8) Washington, DC: Pennsylvania Ave.

Bank of America focuses on enhancing digital services while streamlining its branch network.

The bank continues to evolve to meet customer preferences.

Bank of America is committed to offering innovative online banking solutions.

These closures signify banks' efforts to stay relevant in today's digital world.

The closures represent not just adaptability but also the evolving face of banking in the digital era.