A man from D.C. won $50,000 in the Maryland Lottery after months of playing with the same numbers.

The 66-year-old used his own numbers every day, believing consistency was the key to winning.

He played both the midday and evening Pick 5 games seven days a week.

He switched from playing in D.C. to Maryland but stuck with the Pick 5 game.

He liked Pick 5 for its simplicity - no bonus balls or complicated rules.

He plans to use the prize money to buy a car for his daughter.

He always bought his tickets from the same store out of superstition or comfort.

The store that sold him the winning ticket will get a $500 bonus.

Maryland Lottery has contributed over $18.6 billion to the state since 1973.

Winners have taken home more than $31.5 billion in prizes, making it a win-win for all.