The Boston Celtics made a huge trade, getting Jrue Holiday from the Portland Trail Blazers.

The Celtics gave up Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and two future draft picks to get Holiday.

Jrue Holiday is a star player known for offense and defense, making the Celtics a stronger team.

Holiday can score from anywhere on the court, making him a valuable addition to the team.

He's also a great defender, which will help the Celtics stop their opponents from scoring.

Holiday's leadership and experience in playoffs will be essential for the team.

Celtics fans are excited about this trade and have high hopes for the team.

The Celtics aim to do well in the playoffs with Holiday on the team.

Fans can't wait for the new season to see how Holiday performs with the Celtics.

Overall, this trade is a big deal for the Celtics and their fans, and they're looking forward to seeing the team succeed with Jrue Holiday.