1) Luxury means different things to different people. 2) It can be a $40,000 Ford Mustang or a $4 million Aspark Owl.

1) High price tags are due to comfort, materials, and exclusivity. 2) Craftsmanship and advanced technology play a role.

A) Mazda is making its mark in luxury since 2019. B) Reasonable prices, reliability, and high-end features. C) Unlimited mileage warranty is a bonus.

1) Mazda CX9 2) Mazda CX90 3) Explore their luxury offerings.

A) A $30 million car for the ultra-rich. B) Exceptional attention to detail and customization.

1) Priced at $1.5 million, it's a dream for car enthusiasts. 2) Incredible performance and speed.

Choose between Rolls-Royce for ultimate luxury and Pagani for speed.

A) Porsche's luxury offering with a starting price of $291,650. B) Powerful engine and a blend of performance and luxury.

Choose based on your priorities - luxury, speed, or a mix of both.

Consider these insights from experienced mechanics when making your decision.