NFL Kickoff Weekend 2023: Exciting Games, Big Expectations, and Must-Watch Matchups

Hey there, football fans! The NFL season is back in action, and boy, did it kick off with a bang. The Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions gave us a thrilling opener, but guess what? There’s a whole lot more excitement waiting for you this weekend. Let’s dive right into it in a way that’s easy to follow.

The Weekend Football Schedule

Sunday is the big day, folks! It all starts at 1 p.m. ET, and trust me, you won’t want to miss any of it. We’ve got eight games kicking off, and seven more coming your way throughout the day and into Monday. But how can you catch all the live action?

For all our friends in the USA, you can tune in to the NFL’s ‘NFL+’ platform for complete season coverage. But that’s not all! You can also catch games on ESPN, FOX, NBC, and CBS all year long. And remember, the Sunday prime-time showdown between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants will be on NBC. And don’t forget, Monday’s matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets will be broadcasted by ESPN.

Now, if you’re cheering from outside the U.S., don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. Just hop on the NFL’s Game Pass on DAZN, and you won’t miss a thing. Football is for everyone!

Ohio Derby: Bengals vs. Browns

Now, let’s talk about the exciting Ohio Derby. It’s like a special treat for all NFL fans out there, especially with the high hopes for both teams.

First up, the Cincinnati Bengals. They’ve got their star quarterback, Joe Burrow, locked in with a shiny new long-term deal. Plus, they’ve built an explosive offensive core around him. After losing in the Super Bowl in 2021 and making it to the AFC Championship last year, the Bengals are riding high. But remember, in football, your chance to win the big one isn’t forever, so they’re going all out with Burrow, wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, and head coach Zac Taylor leading the way.

NFL Kickoff Weekend 2023: Exciting Games, Big Expectations, and Must-Watch Matchups

But hold on, the Cleveland Browns are no pushovers. They made a big move by bringing in quarterback Deshaun Watson, even though he had a tough time last season due to some off-field issues. With a full preseason of training, Watson is expected to bounce back, and head coach Kevin Stefanski has some pressure on him. The AFC North division is looking competitive, and a week 1 win could set the tone for the Browns and Bengals.

Cowboys vs. Giants: A Classic Rivalry

Now, for the fans who love tradition, we’ve got something special. The Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants have been going at it for years, and it’s one of the fiercest rivalries out there.

Both teams had disappointing endings last season, and they’ve made some changes. For the Cowboys, they’ll be without Ezekiel Elliott for the first time in a while, and they’ve lost offensive coordinator Kellen Moore to the Los Angeles Chargers. The pressure is on head coach Mike McCarthy, but with the addition of wide receiver Brandin Cooks, quarterback Dak Prescott has some new tricks up his sleeve.

Now, let’s talk Giants. They’re building on the progress they made last season. Under head coach Brian Daboll, quarterback Daniel Jones stepped up his game big time and earned himself a well-deserved contract extension. Plus, Saquon Barkley is back in action, and with the trade for tight end Darren Waller, the Giants are aiming for back-to-back playoff appearances for the first time since 2007 and 2008.

Bills vs. Jets: Clash of Titans

Saving the best for last, we’ve got the game of the week. The Buffalo Bills are going head-to-head with the New York Jets in what’s sure to be an epic showdown between an experienced powerhouse and an up-and-coming team looking to make their mark.

The Bills, led by quarterback Josh Allen, wide receiver Stefon Diggs, and linebacker Von Miller, are on a mission to bounce back from a disappointing previous season. And they’ve got a heartwarming story with safety Damar Hamlin returning after suffering a cardiac arrest on the field in January.

But don’t underestimate the Jets. They were just a quarterback away from being serious contenders last season, and the arrival of Aaron Rodgers from Green Bay has taken their roster to the next level. With a mix of young talent and experienced veterans, the Jets are aiming for a deep playoff run.

The Full Weekend Schedule

Before we wrap it up, let’s quickly go through the games for Sunday and Monday:


  • Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons
  • Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens
  • Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns
  • Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Minnesota Vikings
  • Tennessee Titans @ New Orleans Saints
  • San Francisco 49ers @ Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Arizona Cardinals @ Washington Commanders
  • Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears
  • Las Vegas Raiders @ Denver Broncos
  • Miami Dolphins @ Los Angeles Chargers
  • Philadelphia Eagles @ New England Patriots
  • Los Angeles Rams @ Seattle Seahawks
  • Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants


  • Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets

So, there you have it, folks! Get ready for an action-packed NFL weekend like no other. Grab your snacks, get comfy, and enjoy the show because football season is back, and it’s better than ever!


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